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Keeping Your Friends Close CH5: All Dressed Up
"Another akuma was stopped yesterday, thanks to our noble heroes Ladybug and Chat Noir," Nadja Chamack reported. "Thankfully, the duo were able to incapacitate the monster before any casualties were suffered as a result of the attack. Details are still fuzzy on the exact identity of the unfortunate akumatized person, but their anger seems to have stemmed from a bizarre incident with an elephant, a bicycle pump, a screwdriver, and seven tons of duck tape being used in a categorically elaborate prank…"
The television broadcast continued in Nino's bedroom, but Nino was certainly paying no attention to Ms. Chamack's accord of the events.
Nino rolled his chair back, examining the large elaborate chart he had drawn up on his wall. It resembled something a crazily-focused FBI planner would have concocted. Different push pins and pieces of string held up various pictures of Marinette, her alter ego Ladybug, Ladybug's superhero partner Chat Noir, her best friend and Nino's girlfriend Alya
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Keeping Your Friends Close CH4: Alya's Interview
Some time ago, Nino Lahiffe was reading a comic book at the school library. He was humming a tune to himself; a song on the radio he had heard earlier that day.
Just as he began to subconsciously beatbox, his best friend Adrien walked up to him.
"Hey-hey, if it isn't the man of the hour!" Nino said smugly.
"Where is it?" Adrien demanded, not even flinching.
"Where's… what?" Nino replied back, feigning obliviousness.
"Come on, Nino! I saw it in your hand just a few minutes ago. Stop being a jerk and give it!"
Nino, chuckling, reached into his bookbag and pulled out a small notebook. Adrien immediately swiped it.
"I'm really sorry, dude," he giggled. "I was gonna give it back right away, honest."
"Uh-huh." He noticed Nino giggling. "You saw, didn't you?"
"Maybe…" Nino accentuated.
Adrien's face scrunched up, and his cheeks flushed a deep red.
"So, you want to tell me what's going on there or what?" Nino pried.
Adrien sheepishly looked off to the side for a minute, before he f
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Keeping Your Friends Close CH3: Photo Evidence
"And I'm guessing that promise is… no more secrets?"
"No more secrets between us."
"You got it, Alya. No more secrets."
The next day, Paris was in a rather relaxed state following the chaotic events that had unfolded yesterday. Life had returned to normal, and everyone was back to their usual business.
For fashion superstar Adrien Agreste, this meant yet another long and grueling modeling shoot at the local park.
"Now face towards me…" the photographer instructed. "And… let's try the rebel pose again!"
Adrien shrugged, but acquiesced and did a lean against the water fountain, crossing his arms and giving a scowl at the camera.
"Chin up, Adrien, chin up! And perk up your cheekbones a little bit more! That's it, and… good! Now let's try another Misty Wind expression for good measure."
As usual, a small crowd of fans and swooning teens were gathered around to watch the photoshoot unfold. Gabriel Agreste's assistant Nathalie was off to the side,
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Keeping Your Friends Close CH2: The Wrong Place
As vehicles flew above their heads, a couple tried to run across the street to safety. However, the woman tripped in the middle of the road, and her husband had to stop to help her up. Unfortunately for them, they were right in Mecha-Spectre's path.
"Well, if it isn't foolish old Jerry, who blamed me for his tires blowing out!" she ghoulishly bellowed. "You didn't heed my warning, Jerry. You didn't take the snow tires. Now, you will suffer for all eternity under a blanket of snow… six feet underground!"
She possessed a nearby monster truck, which then proceeded to rev up and start veering right for the unlucky couple.
They both screamed in terror.
But just as they were about to meet an untimely demise, a black figure swooped in and blocked its advance with his trusty baton.
The couple shouted a quick "Thank you, Chat Noir!" and ran off. Mecha-Spectre was so flustered inside the truck that she flew out of it, dizzy as could be.
"Sorry, boys and ghouls," Chat Noir boasted, "but thi
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Keeping Your Friends Close CH1: The Promise
It all started with caged emotions. … Well, and us being locked inside of an actual cage.
Alya cautiously reached out, and grabbed Nino's hand in hers.
"Yeah, okay," she said. "…I'm in."
Nino smiled back at her, and the warmth circulated between them.
"Okay. Then I guess, we are now officially a couple."
Alya and Nino continued to sit and wait, having cemented their love but their minds still filled with worry.
"How long are they going to spend fighting that weird shapeshifter dude, anyway?" Alya wondered. "I'm just worried about Marinette…"
"Yeah, and Adrien too."
Alya raised an eyebrow. "Y'know… I still can't believe you had Adrien in on that whole thing. You were playing Marinette like a fiddle back there, Nino."
"Well, what do you want me to say?" Nino rebutted. "He was the one who offered to help me win Marinette over! Why are you being so bitter about it, anyway? He was just trying to be a good friend!"
"Good friends don't-" Alya stopped and took a
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Falling Leaves
Just go forward in all your beliefs, and prove to me that I am not mistaken in mine. Goodbye, Susan. Goodbye, my dear.
His shoulder jerked violently. He could almost see her sad face looking up at the departing shape of his TARDIS… and it pained him.
Don’t forget me.
Oh, Sarah Jane… don’t you forget me.
He winced deeply as he tried not to concentrate on their faces.
Goodbye, Doctor.
I’ll miss you. You were the noblest Romana of them all!
“They’re off doing better things now…” He could be heard muttering. “What do they need an old fogey like me for?”
And I suppose, if it's one last chance to say it, Rose Tyler…
“Oh no, not that one!” He was almost shouting now. He struggled to keep his eyes closed, thankful at least that he wasn’t seeing any of the ones
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Cherry Bomb CH1: Blessed are the Cherrymakers
It was a dark and stormy night in Ponyville.
Well… actually, it was a fairly light storm. It was barely raining. In fact, there wasn’t even a cloud in the sky. It was rather sunny out. Okay, I guess it was daytime.
But deep in the darkest of kitchens, a master was at work. They say that a true artist suffers for their work, and that whatever comes out of such a long, laborious process is the glorious result of blood, sweat, and tears. Never has that been more true than in this very kitchen, for now, this artist is about to produce her greatest masterpiece.
This is her finest hour.
“Need more eggs in this mix, STAT!”
The kitchen was her laboratory, and the utensils her equipment. The equipment to create a new entity, a monster. Nay… a new state of mind.
“Roger that, Sargent Pinkie! More eggs on the double!”
The imagination can be a dangerous thing.
Not even Celestia knows what goes on in a pony’s mind from time to time. Many brilliant idea
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Mature content
Cherry Bomb CH2: The Hour of the Cherry :iconthe-rarispy:The-Rarispy 0 0
A Moment of Pride by The-Rarispy A Moment of Pride :iconthe-rarispy:The-Rarispy 7 0
The Trotzamore Stratagem: Epilogue
“This way! I think I saw it impact over here!”
Fancy Pants was leading his love Fleur-de-Lis and his social circle down the streets of Canterlot, towards a particularly rough-looking impact site.
The road was severely broken up when Rachelle Ruby landed on it, and now her powers were slipping right off of her fingers. She lay there amongst the wrecked stonework, broken and defeated… and about to finally be free.
The redness of her skin and mane slowly dissipated, and transformed into a warm yellow tint as the party finally found its way to her. Her Cutie Mark, a pair of rubies gouged in black fire, reformed into a pair of glimmering yellow stones. The crown of rubies broke away, and the shards of ruby landed on the ground and gradually became shards of copper.
Rachelle Ruby had changed back into the pony she was before.
Fancy Pants’ party gasped when they saw her. Gerard Gelato himself broke through the crowd, and looked on in the purest expression of shock and asto
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The Trotzamore Stratagem: Love, Always and Forever
With a green and blue poof, Sweetie Belle, Spike, and Lilac Candescence all appeared out of thin air. Just as they had intended, they were now within the gray and desolate Field of Trotzamore.
“We did it,” said Lilac. “This is it. This is Trotzamore.”
This is Trotzamore?” Spike questioned. “It doesn’t seem so magical to me…”
Indeed, at this rate the place looked like it had been stripped bare of whatever magic it used to have. The once pink and vibrant flowers were now gray and dead, and they crunched up under Lilac’s steps.
Discord still lay on the ground as a ruby-fied sculpture. The formerly white sky was now almost black, as the gray storm clouds continued to brew a storm above the Power Stone.
Rachelle Ruby still stood atop the Power Stone as it drew its beam of energy beyond the field. She seemed to be drawing some energy of her own from the stone now, her wings spreading high.
“We must hurry,” said Lilac. &
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The Trotzamore Stratagem: Doomsday
“Princess Luna… what’s happening out there?”
“I don’t know…”
Lilac Candescence dashed out of the cave to take a look outside, and gasped at what she saw.
“No… They didn’t make it in time. Equestria… is plunging into a loveless chaos!”
She had just witnessed the tail end of the white wave as it passed over the mountains near Trotzamore, on its way to plunge Equestria into monochrome madness. … Hey look, I applied alliteration there! Shoot, sorry.
Anyway, so Lilac ran back into the cave again to fetch Luna.
“Luna, you have to see this! Something strange is happening, and I think Trotzamore is at the center of it all! … Luna? Luna!? LUNA!”
Luna turned around to face her former student… but she wasn’t so happy anymore. Now, she was monochrome like the others, and her face looked deathly grim. It didn’t help that Rachelle Ruby seemed to have gone back to torturing h
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The Trotzamore Stratagem CH8-3: The Gemmed Sadist
“But… but… I don’t… Huh!?”
“What’s the matter, Rarity? Cat got your tongue?”
Rarity just stood there, mouth agape, as Discord remained immobile above the six of them by the stone’s power. Rachelle’s sleek crimson hair and black cape flowered freely in the winds of the storm. A lightning strike highlighted the wicked smile that spread on her scarlet face.
“Don’t you get it, girls?” she addressed them, in a patronizing tone. “This was actually my scheme from the very beginning. I’ve been planning this day since my very conception.”
“Conception…?” Twilight repeated.
“Ahhhh, yes. How observant. Your reputation precedes you, Twilight Sparkle. Let’s start off my story with a little trip down memory lane. Rarity, you remember a certain stallion named… Gerard, right?”
“Gerard Gelato?” Rarity recalled. “Well, yes, of course. But… what does he
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The Trotzamore Stratagem CH8-2: The Last Stand
A wide array of colors spread all around the girls, overwhelming them with an impressive spectacle of spectrums. Neon depictions of various objects and familiar surrounded them as they floated through the black tunnel-like void. They even swam through an entire neon depiction of the Everfree Forest, with some Poison Joke plants happily springing up and down.
“Woowww,” said Fluttershy. Several neon butterflies circled around her and landed on her hooves.
“Absolutely stunning,” said Rarity, as a neon spool of thread wrapped precariously around her. “Oooh-hoo-hoo!”
“Mighty breathtakin’,” said Applejack. She spun around and timed her kick just perfectly to buck an oncoming neon apple tree.
“Ehh, it’s alright, I guess.” Streaks of rainbow sped past Rainbow Dash, and she even saw a Wonderbolt race past her. “Whoa! That was just AWESOME!”
“Wheeeee!” shouted Pinkie as s
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The Trotzamore Stratagem CH8-1: Trotzamore At Last
A bright light encompassed the whole view, like a giant hedge stretching from one side to the other… never ending.  In front of this giant white wall of light was an extremely large golden gate. Reflected by the light, the gold lining cast an almost heavenly glow, shrouding the land miles and miles in front of it in a pure golden shadow.
The main gateway was composed of fifteen pillars, the two center ones being spiked at the very top. Each pillar had a socket at their front side, big enough for a small object to fit through. At the center of the gate was a brass plaque that just simply read, “Trotzamore”. The plaque, as well as the two center rods, had three larger sockets.
Three separate pathways delved through the forest, until converging into one courtyard in front of the Gate. And Applejack and Rainbow Dash were emerging down the right pathway.
“Woooooooowwwww,” they both uttered upon seeing the sight in front of them.
“Ah reckon that’s it,&
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The Trotzamore Stratagem CH7-5: And Still It Burns
After that night, you were no longer my student. You graduated, in a sense.
You belonged to Sepia Tone now. You lived a wonderful life together, and even bared a child.
Yes, we did. Sweet little Moondancer. My pride and joy.
She died very happy. Her lineage continues to this very day, you know. A new descendent lives in Ponyville today, carrying on the proud name of ‘Moondancer’.
I am immensely proud.
As well you should be, not just of her, but of yourself.
I visited you in the hospital that night, shortly after you gave birth.



Please. Not this.

That isn’t a memory you should look back on. It is all in the past now.
I know… but I can’t help it. It still haunts me to this very day, but I must remember, to ensure certain events do not repeat themselves.
“I am fed up with this.”
“Mm? Fed up with what?”
“These ponies… this system.
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